University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Sciences (leading partner)

Uni NS FTS, which was established in 1960, is today one of the largest faculties in Serbia, focusing in it is work on the Danube, transport, ports & related development strategies, technical regulatives & solutions. The Faculty will be working closely together with the Port of Novi Sad, which will also be a partner in DaHar. Both have realized that although the Danube crosses ten countries, it is not integrated duly in the EU logistics system, there is a lack of cooperation of ports of middle sized cities & of real multimodal logistics centres in these port cities. The necessary development of intermodal transport on the river can only be realized through transnational cooperation. Uni NS FTS has a special interest in harmonizing the information system of the ports from the level of machines to network of ports on the Danube (Danube Ports IT System).

The Faculty will contribute to the project's implementation with its expertise especially in drawing up development strategies and ICT related technical solutions.

The benefit of Uni NS FTS will include a transnationally harmonized dev. strategy & implementation models, and being part of a network of small & medium-sized Danube port cities, which will strengthen Novi Sad's intl.l relations & future cooperation opportunities. ,

Port of Novi Sad (leading partner)

The Port of Novi Sad, being one of the most important ports in Serbia, is a medium-sized port in the Province of Vojvodina with the perspective of becoming a logistics centre with an integrated railway terminal (tri-modal centre). This port is the only non-privatized port in Serbia and it is waiting for solving its status by the authorities of the Province of Vojvodina, according to the model of ports on the Danube, in order to be open for foreign investments. The capacities of the port regarding multimodality and logistical functions are currently not exploited. However, there are plans for building a container terminal and Ro-Ro terminal. By participating in DaHar, the process of transformation of the port into the logistics centre of Vojvodina is expected to accelerate. Moreover, an increase in the level of IT infrastructure development, better collaboration with stakeholders in the waterway Rhine-Main-Danube, adaptation and application of best practices in port operations and the harmonization of port operations at EU level are to be achieved.

Port NS, which is acting as port authority, will take a pro-active role during the implementation of DaHar, particularly in finding the best technical solutions for standardized information technology. Its activities will be in close coordination and cooperation with the University and include the following: - participation in thematic group 4 on RIS related to cargo transport management supporting the University's activities related to RIS (development of RIS testing tool, participation in workshop, carrying out RIS testing, as well as monitoring and evaluating RIS testing)

The motivation of the Port is high, since the realization of RIS solutions harmonized with ongoing EU initiatives in the field, an increase in the technological level and the facilitation of cooperation with ports along the Danube are expected.

Republic of Serbia, Autonomous Province of Vojvodina - Provincial Secretariat of Economy (leading partner)

The Port of Novi Sad is a middle-sized port in Serbia and the most important port in the Province of Vojvodina. Unfortunately, currently there is a lack of developed logistics and up-to-date infrastructure, an insufficient range of services and consideration of environmental issues. Due to the fact that the Port of Novi Sad is facing very similar problems to those of the partner port cities, the government of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina politically supports the DaHar initiative in order to jointly elaborate solutions and prepare future developments for middle-sized port cities in a harmonized way.

The Provincial Secretariat of Economy will be representing the decision-making level on the Serbian partners' side (Uni NS FTS, Port NS), whom it will support and strengthen in the project. The Autonomous Province of Vojvodina will participate in DaHar as an Observer and will ensure political support at regional level especially to the Port and University of Novi Sad, but also to the other project partners.

The added value of the Provincial Secretariat of Economy lies in the nature of the organisation: its participation ensures on the one hand that regional and national policy-making initiatives and regulations are considered during project implementation, while on the other hand, being a representative of the regional policy level, it ensures that activities and results of DaHar are transferred into policies and concrete action on the Serbian partners' side as well. In addition, the government of the Province will promote the project on regional and national level through its usual public campaign activities.