Public Ports Plc.

Official address Pristavna 10, Bratislava, 82109 Slovakia
Phone (421)-2-58249261
Fax (421)-2-53632991
Mobile (421)-908-716883
e-mail vpas [at] vpas [dot] sk
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Public Ports Plc was established by the Ministry of Transport in January 2008 and operates the main ports on the river Danube in Bratislava, Komárno and Štúrovo. Its primary strategic goals include securing the strategic development of the port, logistic and other services, effective public property exploitation, increase of competitiveness, transnational cooperation, and building a positive image of modern river ports, which offer a wide portfolio of not only port services.

The motivation of PP Plc to join DaHar is to exchange knowledge within a group of significant experts from various ports and related organizations in SEE. Public Ports will bring into the project its long-term experience on infrastructure development in public ports, know-how of setting up operating models for ports, several studies and analyses of ship transportation on the Danube in the Slovak Republic. The company will participate in the 2nd thematic group of DaHar related to enhancing hinterland connections: transport linkages with road and rail, and in the 5th TG regarding navigability and environmental protection

In DaHar, PP Plc sees the opportunity of a better integration of inland navigation within the transport logistics chain by investigating and planning the optimal utilization of the multi-modal and logistical potentials of ports and port areas in small and medium-sized SEE port cities along the Danube. PP Plc expects to identify ways to develop ports into multimodal/logistic centres in an environment friendly way, to establish development scenarios for the specialisation of small and medium-sized Danube ports, considering their different profiles, development aims and general market trends, and to prepare a transnationally harmonized development strategy and action plan.