Third National Stakeholders' Forum on the topic of DaHar project -"Development of the ports on the Danube"

   Capt. Georgi Cvetkov, the Executive Director of the Executive Agency "Maritime Administration" opened the Third National Forum on the theme of the DaHar project (on October 23, 2013, in Sofia).

   The Executive Agency "Maritime Administration" created a broad nationwide forum (DaHar Stakeholders Forum - DSF) of representatives of target groups with respect to the topic of the project, which has already held two national forums - the first in the November.2012 in Sofia, the second - in April this year in Lom.

  Capt. Toni Todorov, project manager for the Executive Agency "Maritime Administration" Director D "MA - Lom, presented the results of the project so far. The work of RIS in Lom was demonstrated, which will support future information management system for ship traffic in the Bulgarian part of the river ( BULRIS ) . The plan for development of the port of Lom as an intermodal hub was presented too. Strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and prospects for development were examined in details. The representatives of Silistra, another Bulgaria partner, also reported the contribution to the overall implementation of the project and presented its RIS .

   Representatives of the executive, professional associations and transport associations, businesses and others were attended In the Third National Forum. Conversations and opinions gathered around the theme that the main priority should be to improve navigation conditions in the Bulgarian section of the Danube. This issue should be resolved at the international level by political decisions.

   Plans to continue the project in DaHar 2, to finish the job - to put into practice the recommendations for development of the ports involved in the project was  confirmed. This will be a key issue at a forthcoming meeting in Brussels with the European Institutions.

11/18/2013 - 21:14