Hungarian technology to protect the Danube

Practical tests have been conducted in six Danube-countries in order to raise the level of hazardous waste discharge from Danube ships to a safe, European quality. The necessary electronic sticker-system has been developed by Hungarian technicians. To protect the environment the availability of a waste collecting network which provides opportunities to discharge hazardous waste (including oily bilge and waste oil) in an orderly and environmentally safe fashion for passenger and cargo ships is essential.

For this occasion partners of the EU-funded international CO-WANDA project arranged free waste deposit opportunities for ship owners, while the already existing depot sites, technologies and the electronic sticker system designed to support the financing of the system went through the necessary testing phases.
With the help of the newly gathered experiences the specialists were able to determine the scope of the necessary international network which for the participants of the Danube navigation could secure the opportunity to discharge waste in an inexpensive and environmentally sound way, and developed the grounds for an international agreement which provides standard legal background for the smooth operation of the system.
Now that the tests are over, the future of the project depends on the decision of the lawmakers.

08/23/2013 - 14:45