The project DaHar results presented in a seminar – press conference in Sofia

The mid-term project implementation of DaHar  in which Executive Agency "Maritime Administration" is a partner, gathered on 27. 05.2013 in Sofia representatives of the media.

The seminar was opened by Capt. Petar Petrov - Acting Secretary General of the Executive Agency "Maritime Administration".

Capt. Tony Todorov, Director of the "Maritime Administration - Lom" and project manager presented the activities under the work packages.

DaHar project successfully combines the efforts of institutions, organizations and companies in the region of the Middle and Lower Danube to upgrade transport relations, to increase the efficiency of transport on the Danube and to improve the social environment of the Danube cities.

The objectives of the project are close to the Bulgarian national policy on inland waterways - to promote the development of the Bulgarian Danube ports as intermodal logistics centers and important links.

Mr. Lubomir Syarov - Chairman of the Board, explained the work of the cluster "Green freight". He emphasized that the goal is to provide comprehensive cluster (intermodal) transport services - Bulgarian transport system to be integrated with the EU. It’s will be in order to promote the use of combined forms of transport services in the territory of Bulgaria, to combine successfully  different modes of transport, to integrate with the existing port, ferry and internal rail terminals to attract transit and to reduce transportation costs.

The Executive Agency "Maritime Administration" is working on another 3 projects under the Operational Programme for Transnational Cooperation "South- Eeast Europe 2007-2013." .

Project ADB - Multimodal platform "Adriatic - Danube - Black Sea" was presented by the project manager Mr. Petar Kirov, Deputy Executive Director of the BMA.

The main idea of the ADB project is to develop and promote alternative transport solutions with a focus on multimodal transport from ports of the Adriatic Sea, the Danube and the Black Sea to the interior of the region.
About the achievements of GIFT ("Green intermodal transport corridors") project results spoke Mrs. Anna Natova, project manager and director of the "European Union, International Relations and Projects" Directorate in BMA.

The main objective of GIFT project -  to encourage the use of green intermodal transport corridors in Southeast Europe, has to be achieved through several important steps.

The current state of the transport network in the project, based on the results obtained and the conclusions reached has already been identified, analyzed and evaluated . Proposals for new European policies and strategies - to improve and develop the infrastructure, processes, information and communication technology legislation, standards and procedures for harmonizing and standardizing the transport sector, will be prepared.
Capt. Georgi Ivanov, Director of the "Maritime Administration" - Ruse and HINT ("Harmonization of navigation in inland waterway transport through education and information technology") project manager explained the work of the recently launched project in the time that the Executive Agency "Maritime Administration" works.  This project is upgrading already completed project "Network for cooperation logistics and maritime Education with a focus on inland waterway transport in the Danube corridor, which is supported by innovative solutions" (NELI). The project aims to create a unique harmonized system of theoretical and practical training in inland waterways in the region of the Danube. An implementation of e-learning in the participating countries is expected to be done and also creating better conditions to promote career opportunities in the field of inland waterways.

The experts of the Executive Agency "Maritime Administration" answered  questions asked from journalists.

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