Municipality of Galati

Official address Domneasca Street 38, Galati, 800008 Romania
Phone (40)-236-323136
Fax (40)-236-323137
e-mail hanta [dot] c [at] primaria [dot] galati [dot] ro
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Galati is one of the most important middle-sized Romanian port-cities on the Danube, open to both river & maritime navigation and offering navigable channels to the Black Sea & to the North Sea. The port is connected to the RIS navigation monitoring system and takes advantage of a properly organized institutional framework, practical knowledge of which will be fed into DaHar. The Municipality of Galati is the key actor of urban development, including the development of transport in general & port development in specific. Its importance lies in the strategic planning connected to urban issues, which includes the improvement of logistical & infrastructural capacity utilisation of Galati's port & port area.

The city will contribute to DaHar with its experienced staff and will participate in the project on enhancing hinterland connections related to transport linkages of inland navigation with road & rail. Galati will also be the leader regarding ensuring stakeholder support & enhancing the consensus building process. Moreover, Galati will assist in preparing a detailed project work plan, knowledge sharing strategy & professional article. The Municipality will work closely together with CN APDM SA Galati, with whom all activities will be complementary & coordinated. The Municipality of Galati would like to benefit from the project a strategy for multimodal port development and as putting that into practice a concrete feasibility study serving as transnationally relevant model as well, so that it can be an efficient actor in the cooperation network of Danube ports.