Municipality of Dunaújváros

Official address 2400 Dunaújváros, Városház tér 1. - Hungary
Phone (36)-25-285-940
Mobile (36)-20-577-6305, (36)-20-577-3329
e-mail dahar [at] pmh [dot] dunanet [dot] hu


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DMJV is a medium-sized Danube port city, characterized by its steelworks factory and related industry & logistics services. The industrial harbour, having one of the highest trade flows in HU, can decreasingly meet today's requirements due to inefficient, unexploited use of outdated ports facilities, missing infrastructure & an underdeveloped logistics network, which results in the city's and the surrounding region's competitiveness suffering. The city's excellent geographic location (intersection of 3 European corridors), the logistical demands of the old & newly settled enterprises and the infrastructural developments of the last few years (M8, Pentele Bridge) give reason for the significant improvement of the logistics function of the city.

In line with the national intentions regarding the high-level multifunctional use of the Danube, Dunaújváros has taken the initiative of gathering its twin cities (Silistra, Vidin, Giurgiu) and further similar small & medium-sized port cities into this project partnership in order to jointly investigate their multimodal potentials and plan the creation of logistical centres while harmonising economic & cargo transport activities through diversification & specification of logistical functions.

The municipality will contribute to the project with its experiences, capacities and expertise in logistics & multimodality, and will be in charge of navigability & environmental protection. The project leader wishes to benefit from DaHar a transnationally harmonized strategy, model and harmonised, tailor-made action plans offering alternatives for the logistic dev. of the small & medium-sized ports participating in DaHar.