Maritime Danube Ports Administration - Galati

Official address Portului Street 34, Galati, 800025 Romania
Phone (40)-236-460660
Fax (40)-236-460140
e-mail apdm [at] apdm [dot] galati [dot] ro
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CN APDM SA Galati, as port authority under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Transports and Infrastructure, carries out activities of national public interest. Its main objectives are related to providing public port services complying with European standards, doing maintenance and repair work for the river transport infrastructure and for public property and own goods, and continually diversifying the services offered and increasing efficiency in its area of jurisdiction. APDM is also responsible for upgrading the port's strategies regarding infrastructure and sustainable transport, and ensuring a direct connection with port operators. Any projects related to the development of the river and maritime ports belonging under CN APDM SA Galati's authority can only be implemented through the company. In its 19 years of activity, the company has consolidated its reputation in respect to the efficiency and professionalism of the services provided.

By taking part in DaHar, APDM is aiming at identifying technical and economic solutions for developing the port and making activities more efficient, increasing the use of the port infrastructure, and making the area more attractive by stimulating the increase in cargo traffic passing through Galati and the other ports administered by the company.

APDM will be involved in the project's 3rd thematic group on the integration of ports of small and medium-sized cities in the development of Danube container and RoRo liner services. The national company will work closely together with the Municipality of Galati - its important strategic partner regarding port development - , with whom all activities will be complementary and coordinated. APDM is mainly involved in issues concerning port development, while the Municipality's main competence lies in the urban dimension of hinterland connections.