City of Vukovar (observing partner)

Vukovar is the most important Croatian town and river port on the Danube, located in the very East of Croatia, where the Vuka river and the Danube meet. Since the end of the war, little of the infrastructure in the city has been restored, while unemployment constitutes a major problem. Therefore, the city is searching for possibilities to accelerate new developments and improve economic outlooks. The opportunities provided by the important European waterway Danube are seen as a chance to overcome current difficulties and transform the city of Vukovar into an important economic centre.

Being a strategic actor in the Lower Danube region, the City of Vukovar will be actively involved in the expert work of the project as an observing partner besides participating in the most important project meetings and workshops. The city will also take part in the work related to the 1st thematic group on logistical infrastructure of ports and the 3rd thematic group regarding the integration of ports in the development of Danube container and RoRo liner services. Moreover, Vukovar will provide all necessary information and statistics to the Lead Partner and to the other project partners and will also continuously cooperate with the Port of Vukovar, who will be an Observer in the project.

Being a port city on the river Danube, Vukovar is highly interested in being part of the DaHar network, from which it can gain significant know-how and experience and from which a true and sustainable cooperation of small and middle-sized port cities along the Danube will evolve. What is more, the project can set the foundations for a harmonised future development leading to an improved economic performance due to the better utilisation of logistical capacities and enhanced waterway cargo transport on the Danube.

Port of Vukovar ltd (observing partner)

The Port of Vukovar, being the most important Croatian river port on the Danube, constitutes a real opportunity for the city to stimulate economic development by taking advantage of and improving the utilisation of the given capacities provided by this strategic port.

The Port of Vukovar will participate in DaHar as an Observer, taking a professional and technical advisory role and cooperating closely with the City of Vukovar and the project partners by attending meetings and events and providing know-how and necessary technical data to the City in order to facilitate fulfilling its role in the project.

Within the framework of DaHar, the Port of Vukovar aims at gaining knowledge on best practices, possible solutions to common challenges, especially the better integration of ports of small and medium-sized cities in the development of Danube container and RoRo liner services, and wishes to establish a sustainable cooperation with the other participating Danube ports in order to achieve a harmonised waterway cargo transport development which can significantly improve the logistical capacity of these cities and ports. It is of utmost importance that the strategic planners and experts of the Port of Vukovar closely follow DaHar's progress, in order to create a common basis with the City of Vukovar for the future developments to be carried out in the Port.