Bulgarian Maritime Administration

Official address Diakon Ignatii Str., 9. - 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone (+359 2) 930 09 10
Fax (+359 2) 930 09 20
e-mail bma [at] marad [dot] bg
Homepage www.marad.bg
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Executive Agency Maritime Administration (BMA) is the responsible state authority for the navigation and ports in the Republic of Bulgaria. In this capacity BMA has official obligations to draft and monitor the regulative norms for the safe and harmonized operation of the ports (sea and river) in Bulgaria. BMA has capacity as policy maker for the promotion of the Bulgarian Danube ports (right geographical points with adequate infrastructure) as best places for intermodal development with regional impact.

BMA also has the authority and capacity to implement DaHar project tasks regarding port specific issues.
BMA will bring expertise, previous experience, specific inland navigation and port knowledge and very good cooperation for the successful run of the project. Previous project participations and current regional involvement will be of help.

BMA has commited itself to join the DaHar Partnership from 20th April 2012 as a substitution for Vidin Municipalty (former PP5, withdrawn from the project by 20 February 2012.)