Bulgarian Maritime Administration (leading partner)

Executive Agency Maritime Administration (BMA) is the responsible state authority for the navigation and ports in the Republic of Bulgaria. In this capacity BMA has official obligations to draft and monitor the regulative norms for the safe and harmonized operation of the ports (sea and river) in Bulgaria. BMA has capacity as policy maker for the promotion of the Bulgarian Danube ports (right geographical points with adequate infrastructure) as best places for intermodal development with regional impact.

BMA also has the authority and capacity to implement DaHar project tasks regarding port specific issues.
BMA will bring expertise, previous experience, specific inland navigation and port knowledge and very good cooperation for the successful run of the project. Previous project participations and current regional involvement will be of help.

BMA has commited itself to join the DaHar Partnership from 20th April 2012 as a substitution for Vidin Municipalty (former PP5, withdrawn from the project by 20 February 2012.)


Municipality of Silistra (leading partner)

Waterway transport is of crucial importance to Silistra, middle-sized Danube port city of regional & national importance. The Transport Development Strategy of the Republic of Bulgaria to 2015 is aimed at developing large national ports, so the needs & potential of smaller Danube ports are not duly considered. Therefore, the Municipality has set out in its Development Plan 2007-13, which provides the framework for municipal intervention, the following measures, amongst others: better utilization of given capacities of the port, modernization of the cargo port of Silistra; infrastructural developments, better consideration of environmental issues, identification of ways to integrate the port areas into the urban structure of the city and more intensive international cooperation. Silistra is not classified as a port of international importance, but it has considerable economic development potentials through the optimal utilisation of its port capacities, with a strong national support.

In order to achieve its objectives, Silistra is seeking cooperation with other similar port cities, whose experience it can benefit from and with whom it can jointly find solutions to common problems, as means to foster a harmonized development and become part of a network of port cities. More specifically, the city wishes to benefit from DaHar to have a needs assessment based master plan on urban-port-environmental planning.

The Municipality will participate in thematic group 2 on enhancing hinterland connections related to transport linkages between inland waterways and road & rail, as well as in thematic group 5 regarding navigability & environmental protection


Regional Administration of Vidin Region (observing partner)

At present, the port of Vidin is one of the most important river ports in Bulgaria constantly and gradually increasing freight turnover. At the same time, there are some main waterway and harbour problems that need to be tackled, such as undeveloped logistics, limited range of services provided, environmental issues, infrastructure maintenance insufficiency, and out-of-date information technologies used. As many cities alongside the Danube are facing similar problems, the Regional Administration of Vidin Region politically supports the Municipality to jointly develop common solutions within the framework of DaHar and as an outcome to prepare necessary developments in a way that is harmonized with the other middle-sized Danube cities on transnational level.

The Regional Administration of Vidin Region will participate in DaHar in an observant role and will ensure political support at regional level especially to the Municipality of Vidin, but also to the whole partnership. In this way it is guaranteed that regional and national policy-making initiatives and regulations are duly considered during project implementation.