European Federation of inland Ports (observing partner)

EFIP represents the inland ports of 18 countries in the EU, Moldova, Switzerland and Ukraine towards the European institutions and other national and international organisations, such as the European Conference of Ministers of Transport, the Economic Commission of the United Nations for Europe, the Central Commission for the Navigation on the Rhine and the Danube Commission, and brings together more than 200 inland ports and port authorities. EFIP actively follows all developments in the field of EU transport and environmental policy of importance to inland ports and their environment and represents common positions on European policy issues of importance for inland ports and their economic and business environment. At the same time, EFIP exchanges information about recent policy developments to its members and also informs the European policy-makers about what is going on in the inland ports. Moreover, it also ensures the exchange of information and opinions among its members. The international organization highlights and promotes the role of European inland ports as real intermodal nodal points in the transport and logistic chain, combining inland waterway transport with rail, road, and maritime transport. EFIP aims at increasing the visibility of the inland ports towards the European transport, political and business environment.

As an Observer in DaHar, EFIP can put the network of inland ports at the disposal of the partners in the project. The participation of EFIP will ensure the consideration of European development objectives, requirements, views etc. during project implementation and will serve as a gate to the European inland waterway cargo transport network.

Since DaHar represents a Danubian logistical network, the participation in the project is an important opportunity for EFIP to provide technical and advisory support to the partnership and to follow up activities closely.