Dear Visitor!

Gábor CsernaI welcome you in the name of Dunaújváros Municipality on the website of the DaHar project.

Dunaújváros started the DaHar project in April 2011 as a part of EU’s strategic area development program, the SEE program (South East Europe Program). The project aims to harmonise long-term logistic development of small and medium sized ports and cities of the river Danube. With the leadership of Dunaújváros this cooperation will result in the establishment of a mutual development strategy.

The project came to life on the conception, that Danube’s countries share a mutual interest, which is the optimal integration of waterway cargo transport into the logistic network and as a part of this, securing the harmonized functioning of small and medium sized cities and ports along the river. The development of the harbours of these municipalities is not yet an emphasized issue, however their importance is significant, because in the case of these ports real logistic diversification and specification is an accomplishable mission (and with it, servicing larger harbours with cargo).

As of the results of the project, port developments, logistic and infrastructural plans could become pillars of the economic improvement – however, the main goal is of course the cooperation itself. According to our experiences partners of DaHar are in agreement that maybe our goals and interests are different in each case, we can only achieve success and reach efficient, productive results undivided.

We believe that the project will bring us concrete and successful outcomes, and prosperity to our city, to our area and to all participating countries.

Yours sincerely,

Gabor Cserna,